Is Your Water Contaminated?

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Is Your Water Contaminated?

Water travels through miles of pipes before reaching your home. Chlorine is commonly used to kill bacteria along the way. Despite best efforts to ensure safe water, the EPA estimates … [Read More]

Why It’s a Good Idea to Install a Water Treatment System

If you get your water from the city in which you live, you probably know that all water flowing into your home goes through a water treatment plant first. This … [Read More]

Lime Scale, and How to Defend Against It

There are quite a few different problems that can afflict a home’s plumbing system. One of the most common, and most damaging, problems is lime scale. If you’re not careful, … [Read More]

Signs You Need a Water Treatment System

Municipal water treatment facilities remove much of the harmful substances naturally found in water before piping it into homes. While this water treatment process is quite effective, it is not … [Read More]

Which Water Treatment System is Right for Me?

Most cities put their water supplies through an extensive treatment process before piping it into homes, in order to remove any harmful materials that may be lurking in it. While … [Read More]

Signs That You Have a Hard Water Problem

Hard water is one of the most common, and most troublesome, problems that can afflict a home’s plumbing system. It’s water, but with a high concentration of magnesium and calcium … [Read More]

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