Signs of a Failing Heater

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay warm and comfortable all fall and winter long without ever needing Denver heating services? Especially in the case of repairs! Unfortunately, this just isn’t reality—you will eventually encounter problems of some kind with your heater. The best thing you can do for your comfort is to learn and recognize the signs that your heater is failing and does in fact need service. This way, you can get out ahead of repair needs and schedule them right away, before they grow into bigger emergencies.

Routine preventive heating maintenance is the number 1 way to keep the need for heating repairs at bay. But even with regular tune-ups, small service needs can still crop up. Our professionals will be there to diagnose the problem accurately, and make the appropriate repairs. In the meantime, however, here are some distress signs you should watch out for.

Cool Air Coming from the Vents

There are some symptoms you may encounter with a failing heater that can be subtle at first. But a heater that is blowing lukewarm or cold air out of vents is not one of them. This is a definite sign that there’s a problem with your heater that cannot be ignored.

This might be the result of a fuel combustion problem, or maybe even a leak in the ductwork to a particular area of the house. Whatever the case may be, you need to have your system repaired in order to ensure that it’s blowing warm air again promptly.

Increased Heating Costs

Alright, here’s the tricky thing about heater trouble. Sometimes you won’t notice anything drastic, such as a drop off in heating output. This is why it’s also essential that you keep an eye on how much you’re paying to heat your home.

Of course, the colder it is, the more you’ll be using your heater, and the more you’ll subsequently be paying. This makes sense, however you should still have a general idea of you average heating costs. If you notice a serious spike in your bills without a clear reason, it could be the result of a problem rendering your system less efficient than it should be.

Burning Odor

When you first turn your heater on in the fall, you may initially smell a dusty odor. This makes since, as you’ve had the heating system off for months, and some dust will burn off its components when you first turn it on.

However, if you continually smell burning coming from the heater, turn it off and call us right away. This symptom indicates that not only is something wrong with your heater, but it could also be a dangerous problem.


Short-cycling describes the process your heater goes through when it shuts off and turns back on rapidly. This might be due to something as simple as a dirty air filter creating too much airflow resistance, so do be sure to check that, first, and change the air filter if necessary.

But it could be something more serious, like a faulty thermocouple that needs replacement. Be sure to give us a call if it’s not resolved by changing the air filter.

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