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Fall and winter are those times of year when we dream about warm blankets, hot cider, and a drive to the mountains to see the aspen trees turn gold. Before winter arrives in Denver, it’s a great time to think about getting a furnace tune-up and to ready your system for cold weather ahead.

Learn more about furnace maintenance in Denver by reading below! If you have any questions or when it’s time to schedule your service, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Denver HVAC pros at Bell!

What is Heating Maintenance?

A maintenance session is a kind of tune-up for your heater. The technician will give it a thorough look and fix any little problems that need fixing, such as clogged burners or bolts that have loosened. If signs of a more serious problem crop up—something requiring a more formal repair session—the technician can note it and arrange for the issue to be addressed before the weather gets too cold.

Maintenance is a kind of tune-up for your system, giving the technician an opportunity to look the whole thing over and spot any signs of trouble. Most of the time, the problems are very small in nature and can be corrected quickly. That includes little things like loose bolts, clogged burners and filters in need of changing. Those steps can stop a number of possible problems before they get started, as well as helping the furnace run more effectively (cutting down on the monthly cost of running it).

In the event further repairs are required, maintenance sessions help out too. They let the technician spot the issue before it causes a breakdown and plan for a repair session in a timely fashion. Not only does that let you handle the issue without having to scramble, but it likely cuts down on the costs as well since the damage hasn’t had as much time to get worse.

When to Schedule Heating Maintenance

If you don’t remember the last time you had a furnace checkup, it’s probably past due. And if you haven’t changed your air filters in a while, you could be breathing in dust, pollen, and other allergens. 

Fall is also prime time for sneezing, coughing, allergies, headaches, itchy eyes, sore throats, and dryness. These are all things that could be minimized by properly working heating, ventilation, humidification, and air purification systems.

Furnaces, on average, last between 15 – 20 years. An annual furnace tune-up is the best way to ensure your equipment is clean, in working order, and lives a good, long life.  But what if you don’t have an annual furnace check-up?  How do you know when your furnace is in trouble?  Here are a few warning signs that your furnace might need maintenance or even replacement.

Is Heating Maintenance Necessary?

Heating maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your furnace in good, working order. If you’re already experiencing any of these telltale signs that you need furnace service, call us right away:

  • Switching on and off: Furnace short cycling is a sign that your furnace is struggling.  This constant wear and tear can cause parts to fail if left unattended.
  • Noisy operation: If you hear a loud bang, buzzing, or rattling noises coming from your furnace, it’s calling out for help.
  • The thermostat doesn’t respond: Which might be a sign of a wiring issue, a tripped breaker, a blower problem, or even the thermostat itself.
  • Excess dust and dirt: If your system is unable to remove the dust from the air, it is likely spreading it through your home.  Check your furnace filter to make sure it’s clean.  If that isn’t the problem, the furnace may be reaching the end of its life.
  • Rooms aren’t heating evenly: First check to see if the air vents are closed or blocked by furniture. If your furnace is working properly, you might need to look at zoning systems. 
  • Your energy bills are getting higher: Check your current bills against those from a year or two ago.  If it seems like your bills are significantly higher than that of previous winters, it’s a sign that your furnace is working too hard and using too much energy.
  • Frequent repairs: If you are regularly spending money to fix your furnace, a replacement just might save you money in the long run.

Benefits of Heating Maintenance

At some point, you will need a professional HVAC technician to perform your heating maintenance in Denver. Bell Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, & Electrical will ensure your system is working reliably, clean everything out and help improve the indoor air quality, and check for potential issues that could spiral into an expensive repair when left unchecked. Here are some of the other benefits of regular heating maintenance in Denver to help maintain the safety and comfort of your home:

Your Heater Will Operate Efficiently and Reliably

Think about it this way: a marathon runner trains and trains for a race, completes the race, and then takes some time off before their next race. Never would they take a few months off and then jump right back into another race without training again, right?

Relate this to your heater—just because it made it through the last heating season successfully and without repair needs doesn’t mean it doesn’t need attention this year. Remember, not all issues with your heating system will result in a complete breakdown. It may just be wear and tear, but as it adds up, a breakdown becomes a very real possibility.

Heating Your Home Will be Affordable

Routine heating maintenance won’t increase efficiency per say, but it will prevent it from dropping. With proper care, your heater can work at or close to its peak efficiency for as long as possible. This means that its performance won’t suffer, and neither will its internal components. Not only does this result in fewer repair costs, but it means you’re using less energy month-to-month, and less energy means less dough out of your wallet.

Your Heater Will Last Longer

Each year a heater is allowed to run without maintenance, more and more of its lifespan is being shaved off. True, no heating system will last forever—there’s no mechanical system out there that will. But with regular tune-ups each year (or every 6 months if you have a heat pump), you can ensure that your heater gives you the best service as possible for as long as possible.

DIY Heating Maintenance Tips

Whether you have a new system or want to achieve the best efficiency from your current system, there are some basic maintenance procedures to keep it running at peak performance.

1) Do Monthly Furnace Checks

The old adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is not a good plan to follow with your heating equipment. Show your furnace some love and visit it monthly. Performing a few easy checks once a month can save you hundreds, even thousands in repairs or replacement.

2) Keep Your Furnace Area Clean

For safeties sake, keep the area around your furnace as clutter free and clear of dust, pet hair and dirt as you can. Today’s systems are very technologically advanced but there are some things you can check before calling a service professional if you aren’t getting heat in your home. Check all your intake grills and supply air registers to make sure they are open and clear of any blockage.

3) Change Your Air Filters

And what’s the number one maintenance job every month? Yes, change your filter. To maximize efficiency and extend the life of your furnace, air flow is critical. A dirty filter is the primary cause of breakdowns. Set a reminder on your calendar the same day every month to change or clean the filter, it’s an inexpensive way to make sure your system lasts.

4) Take a Look at Your Power Sources

If your unit has a separate power switch, make sure it is turned to the ‘on’ position. Check breakers or fuses to make sure they haven’t been tripped or blown. If you find a tripped breaker or blown fuse and they continue to fail, then the circuit is pulling too much power and you will need to call a technician.

5) Check Your Thermostat

Next, check your thermostat, make sure it has power and fresh batteries. And it is turned to the right setting for the season ‘heat’ or ‘cool’. You may also try turning up the thermostat five degrees to see if the system kicks on.

When Spring rolls around it’s time to check your air conditioning system. If you find something is wrong, you’ll want to get a service call scheduled before that first hot day of summer.

6) Call an HVAC Technician

Most people forget that no matter the season air still flows through your filter before it circulates through your home. After checking all the things we’ve talked about, and if you still are having issues, it’s time for a service call. If you need assistance with your heating or cooling unit, give us a call.

Heating Maintenance vs Repairs

Tech Working On Furnace

Far too many people wait to call for professional heating services until they notice a problem with their systems. Waiting for a heating problem to present itself before calling for repairs doesn’t work all that well for preventing damage because most heating problems don’t have any early symptoms.

If your heating system is giving off some sort of warning sign that it’s malfunctioning, you’re probably too late to actually prevent the majority of the damage. You need preventive maintenance if you want to keep your heating system in the best possible operating condition. By scheduling preventive maintenance, you are giving your heating technician the opportunity to find and fix problems before they have the chance to develop too far. You can save tons of money over the life of your heater by doing this regularly.

Contact Bell Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical for Expert Heating Maintenance in Denver

It can be easy to put off winter chores until it gets colder outside, but one task you shouldn’t put off is scheduling your Bell Plumbing and Heating expert for annual heater maintenance. Every heating system needs annual maintenance, and if you own and use a heat pump system in your Denver home, you should be scheduling your system for maintenance twice a year. We can help! Contact the team at Bell Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical for all of your heating maintenance, repair, and new installation needs. Call us today!

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