AC Repair Vs. AC Replacement

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We’re coming to the end of heating season, which means you’ll soon be dusting your air conditioning system off and putting it to use again. If your air conditioner is older — especially if the warranty has expired — then you need to consider the ramifications of any problems you may encounter this summer. This is one of the reasons why we recommend air conditioning maintenance sessions every spring, especially if you have an older system. Not only will it help that system perform more efficiently during the warmer summer months to come, but it will help you answer the question of AC repair vs. AC replacement. When is it better to invest in a new air conditioner rather than propping up an old one?

Why The Warranty Is Important?

The warranty on your air conditioner plays a huge role in any repairs you need to make, because it covers the air conditioner’s original components. As long as the warranty is in effect, you won’t pay for replacement components if the originals ever fail: only the cost of labor and smaller ancillary components like screws and bolts. That reduces the cost of most repairs quite a bit, and as long as the warranty is in effect, it usually means that repairs are a better option than replacement.

What Happens After the Warranty Expires?

Once the warranty expires, the cost of repairs will inevitably go up. Even then though, you can sometimes keep costs down if the repairs are infrequent and mild. (This is another reason we recommend maintenance sessions since they can help reduce wear and tear, and thus lower the chances of a serious repair.)

Only when the costs have exceeded what you think your existing air conditioner is worth should you think about replacing it. Excessive costs usually boil down to one of the two following categories:

  1. Repairs. Excessive repair costs can either mean a single repair that is just too expensive to justify without buying a whole new system, or a number of smaller repairs that start to pile up. As a good rule of thumb, if you have to schedule repairs for your air conditioner more than 3 times in a single 12-month period — even if the repairs themselves aren’t that expensive — it’s time to think about installing a new one and stopping the endless cycle of breakdowns.
  2. Monthly Costs. When monthly costs rise higher than you feel the system is worth, it’s another good sign that replacement may be needed. Even the most efficient system will succumb to the effects of age sooner or later, and that usually translates to higher costs as it spends more and more energy to do its job. A new system will invariably be more efficient than the old one, and help your monthly budget out by easing the strain of excessive costs.

Whether you need AC repair services in Littleton, CO, or your air conditioner is ready for replacement, call the friendly pros at Bell Plumbing and Heating to get the job done.

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