Steps to Take Before Calling for AC Repair

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Nothing is more frustrating than having your air conditioner malfunction during a record breaking heatwave. If your air conditioner develops an issue this summer, you should take certain steps before calling for professional services. It may well be that your air conditioner needs professional repair services. However, you may be able to make things go a bit more smoothly by taking the following steps first.

Check Your Thermostat

It may sound obvious, but you would be absolutely amazed by how many air conditioning “problems” end up just being an incorrectly configured thermostat. Before you have a professional come look at your air conditioner, do a quick check of your thermostat and make sure everything is working properly. If all the settings are correct, and the thermostat appears to be working as it should, it may well be that you have an air conditioning problem. If the thermostat is displaying incorrect information, or is otherwise acting strange, the problem may be located in your thermostat instead of your air conditioner.


Strange noises coming from the air conditioner are often a good way to tell what may be wrong with the system. Before you call for repairs, listen closely to your air conditioner and see if you can identify any unusual noises. Grinding may indicate an air handler problem, while hissing and gurgling could mean that you have a leak in your refrigerant line. Taking note of these noises will help your HVAC professional identify the problem more quickly. The faster they can identify and repair the problem, the more damage they can prevent.

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