3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs

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Summer is on its way and even in the cool heights of Denver, CO, the heat can hit us pretty hard. Before the temperature starts to rise, you want your air conditioning system in fighting shape: keeping your home cool and comfortable even during the worst heat waves. If there’s any lingering problems with your system, now is the time to call for a qualified repair technician while temperatures are still mild. Air conditioning repair runs the gamut from the wild to the severe, but all of them can hamper the system’s ability to function in the height of summer. Even if it works, the system will likely use a lot more energy in an effort to overcome the problem, leading to higher bills and an increased chance of serious repairs. Here are 3 common air conditioning repairs you should keep an eye out for.

Low Refrigerant

When refrigerant runs low (usually because of a leak), frost forms on the evaporator coils, wasting cooling potential and hampering the air conditioning process. Simply scraping the frost off won’t work (and may damage the coils). You need to repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant, which takes a trained technician.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems often stem from the compressor, which can wear out if your air conditioner cycles on and off often. That comes on top of more general electrical problems such as frayed wires and worn connections, all of which can be treated by a qualified technician.

Drainage Problems

Condensate often develops in air conditioners, which is collected in a drain pan and removed from the system with a line. If the line gets clogged or the pan is misaligned, it can lead to runoff, and excessive condensate can cause an overflow as well.

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