What Can I Do to Prevent Tree Roots from Infiltrating My Sewer Line?

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One of the most common sources of drain clogs comes as a surprise to homeowners when it occurs: tree roots. Tree roots can infiltrate a sewer line to the point that the wastewater in your home has nowhere to drain. This can cause some serious consequences for your home, especially if it is caught too late. Sewage may have nowhere to go, causing it to back up into your home. Or, you may have a sewage leak on your property as it flows from a burst sewer line.

There are, however, a couple of steps you can take to prevent root infiltration. When planting trees in the yard, take a closer look at your property to determine where the sewer line is currently located. Ask the previous owner, find a blueprint, locate the path from your septic tank to your drain line, or visit your local zoning office for answers. Keep in mind that tree roots grow naturally towards sources of water and that large trees generally have long roots. Position larger trees away from the sewer line, and only place plants with smaller root balls close to the pipes.

Of course, with older homes, there are often plenty of large, beautiful trees already in place. If this is the case in your yard, you may be able to place a barrier between the roots and the pipe that helps to stop root growth in that direction. Chemical root growth inhibitors can be used on the pipes or you may be able to bury a structural barrier, but this will require a lot of care in installation in order to avoid plumbing problems.

One of the best ways by far to prevent tree roots from clogging your sewer line is by calling for regular drain cleaning service. With drain cleaning service, a plumber inspects your drains to determine whether tree roots have become a problem in your pipes. They can remove any roots in the pipes with a large professional-grade drain auger, and they can clear any additional debris from the pipes as well. With camera inspection, a technician can let you know if a portion of your pipe needs repair or replacement.

At Bell Plumbing and Heating, we’ll get your clogged drains back to normal with our Littleton, CO drain cleaning service or help you take the right steps in repairing your sewer line. Contact us today!

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