What Should You Know about Video Pipe Inspection?

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Well first off, that it is the way to spot Denver plumbing problems effectively and promptly. Otherwise, you may be left taking your chances, tearing up drywall or floorboards where you think the plumbing leak is occurring—which is obviously not an ideal situation!

Plumbing systems have been around since the start of civilization, and in many ways they work the same way today than they did way back when. Plumbers, also, use old-fashioned tools such as wrenches and hammers to get plumbing jobs done.

But plumbing has evolved in many ways, too. New tools and techniques have helped plumbers in countless ways, which means more effective repairs and services for your complex plumbing system, including the innovation of video pipe inspection to locate those repair needs.

Many Pipes Are Hard to Reach

But video pipe inspection arms our professional plumbers with accurate information that no technology before this has been able to, and in turn makes dealing with leaks and clogs far easier.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never seen the vast bulk of your plumbing system, beyond the outlets and fixtures within your home. The average person doesn’t really need or want to look at pipes, and placing them outside exposes them to damage. So, they’re typically hidden behind walls and floorboards in the home.

But that means when a leak occurs or there is a clog in the pipes, it can be hard to determine exactly where the problem is and how to resolve it. Some leaks can be very small, and thus hard to spot, while others can be caused by widespread corrosion in your plumbing and can be seen from just one leak.

Clogs are another beast—many homeowners reach for something like chemical drain cleaners, which work to temporarily dissolve things like hair from your drain pipes. The problem is, these “solutions” are caustic and actually eat away at the pipes. So in the long run, you’re doing more harm than good and may actually be causing problems rather than resolving them. With video pipe inspection, we can determine the type of clog you’re dealing with and how to best manage it.

Trusting Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection has changed the plumbing game. You know that tiny camera on your cell phone? One of about the same size is sent down your pipes, and provides a feed back to a tablet or some other mobile device so your plumber can determine exactly what’s going on down there.

This process provides great accuracy, promptly. This ensures that our plumbers know exactly where the problem is and what’s required to resolve it.

With professional video pipe inspection, our plumbers can correct whatever the plumbing issue is quickly and less expensively than we would be able to otherwise. We want to get your plumbing system back up to speed without delay, and we can do that a lot faster with this service.

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