Root Destroyer: A Necessary Tool for Sewer and Drain Repair

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One of the great enemies that your home’s sewer line and drain system can encounter is actually a beautiful one: the trees growing in your backyard. These same trees that provide shade on warm days and branches for hammocks and tire swings also have an underground force that your pipes have a difficult time resisting… roots. Roots naturally move toward water sources, and this will draw them right to underground pipes where they will begin to infiltrate the pipes, blocking them. In some cases, the pressure from large root growth will even break the pipes.

Damage to sewer lines is a major plumbing issue that requires immediate remedy. When you notice problems with slow or clogged drains throughout the house, sewer smells, or wet spots around your basement drains, you may have root infestation in the plumbing. Call Bell Plumbing and Heating for drain repair in Arvada, CO to fix the problem.

What Root Destroyer can do for your sewer and drain repairs

Repairing a sewer line or any other underground plumbing can often involve extensive excavation that consumes time and makes a mess out of your yard. You want to avoid any potential problems, and with annual visits from plumbers and the preventive power of Root Destroyer, you can eliminate one of the major threats to your plumbing.

Root Destroyer is an application designed specifically to eliminate roots from sewer lines and keep them away. This compound uses copper sulfate crystals that cause root ends to die. It also discourages the roots from continuing to grow in that same direction, so once you begin to use root destroyer, you’ll have effective prevention for many years to come.

Your plumbers can detect when you need to have Root Destroyer used during their regular inspections. It’s crucial to have these inspections done once a year on your plumbing and sewer line to catch problems like this so small repairs can prevent needing a larger excavation later. Your plumbers will place the recommended amount of Root Destroyer into your plumbing system, and check with each inspection to see that your pipes remain root-free.

Sewer repairs are something that you want to avoid if at all possible. With maintenance from Bell Plumbing and Heating that includes video pipe inspections and Root Destroyer application, you should have a drainage system that can resist most damage.

Should you find yourself in a tough spot and in need drain repair in Arvada, CO, you can always count on Bell Plumbing and Heating to help—any time, day or night. Call us today. 

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