Drain Cleaning Without the Use of Chemicals

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“Liquid drain cleaner.” It sounds easy, doesn’t it? A bottle of chemicals you can purchase at any grocery store. Pour it down the drain. Wait 15 minutes. Clogs are gone, drain is clean—just like promised on the label on the bottle.

But hold on—it isn’t that simple or pleasant. Chemical drain cleaners are terrible for both your drains and you. The caustic action of these chemicals can eat away at the interior lining of drainpipes, and create hazardous fumes. These chemicals are toxic and can damage your skin and eyes. They are also terrible for the environment, as they get into landfills from residue left in the bottles. On top of all this, there are many tough clogs these chemicals can’t handle.

So what is the best way to clean your drains without chemicals? You should call on drain cleaning experts. Bell Plumbing and Heating will explain the tools we use for drain cleaning in Aurora, CO so you can see the safe and effective way to get cleaner plumbing.


Hydro-jetting is one of the best methods available for comprehensive drain cleaning. High-pressure hot water blasted through a nozzle at the end of a long hose can break through the heaviest clogs. Hydro-jetting eliminates contaminates thoroughly from the inside of the pipes. Hydro-jets require professionals to handle because of their potential safety risk.

Video pipe inspection

Cleaning drains sometimes requires finding particular trouble spots and targeting the cleaning. To do this, professionals use miniature cameras mounted on long flexible cables that can reach far down into your drains to locate the areas that need cleaning—this is known as a video pipe inspection. Professionals can use this information to find the best way to approach cleaning.

Drain snakes

Some of the best tools work on the simplest principles. Drain snakes operate like corkscrews set onto long, flexible lines. They drill into clogs and pull them out or remove them. Although manual drain snakes are available commercially, we don’t recommend them. Instead, look for a plumber equipped with a powerful motorized drain snake; they are more than capable of handling your drain cleaning service needs.

We can’t emphasize this enough: leave the chemical cleaners on the store shelf. Comprehensive drain services in Aurora should come from experts. Since 1926, Bell Plumbing and Heating has helped our customers keep their plumbing healthy without needing to resort to toxic and dangerous materials. Call us the next time you feel tempted to reach for that bottle of “cleaner.”

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