The Inside Scoop: Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Plumbing Maintenance

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As is often said, the best and quickest way to learn is to ask someone in-the-know. 

There is no shame in seeking knowledge about something as nuanced as plumbing maintenance. After all, pipes are concealed and plumbing issues are often rare. 

Learn all you can about plumbing and you will ultimately save hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars across posterity. Here is a quick look at some inside information about plumbing that every homeowner should know.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance Enhances Water Quality 

Colorado is known for its quality water, and drinking from the tap is relatively safe. But even in Denver, most people are shifting away from tap water toward the bottled variety. 

Spending your hard-earned money on bottled water is a grave mistake. 

The better approach is to invest in plumbing maintenance. If your pipes or filters are corroded, old or flawed in another manner, your drinking and bathing water will be compromised. Rely on Bell’s plumbing professionals to analyze, maintain, and improve your plumbing system, and you will not have to worry about the quality of the drinking water that comes out of your tap. 

We can even chat about filtration systems for your tap.

Plumbing Inspections Can Save You Plenty of Money 

An annual inspection of your plumbing system will certainly cost some money, yet it has the potential to pay exponential dividends. 

Pay for an annual inspection of your plumbing system and you will save that much more money in the years and decades to come. Bell’s experienced plumbing experts understand what to look for when performing a yearly inspection. Our professionals know the common signs of existing plumbing issues as well as looming problems.  

Ignore such warning signs and these repairs will prove that much more costly. Furthermore, a yearly plumbing inspection will provide us with an opportunity to analyze your system’s efficiency and give you other tips on how to stay proactive.

Plumbing Maintenance Can Prevent Costly Water Damage 

If your plumbing system has not been serviced in the past year, there is a good chance it will have one or multiple issues. However, you will be unaware of such issues unless you lean on Bell Plumbing and Heating for a yearly system analysis, maintenance, and timely repairs. Such regular maintenance helps ward off leaks and potentially devastating floods. 

Those who have dealt with the aftermath of water damage resulting from plumbing issues will testify to the egregious cost and frustration of the recovery effort (we have some recommendations of Denver companies that we rely on and trust for such efforts). 

It is certainly possible to restore some carpet and furniture damaged by water, yet such a restoration effort requires considerable time and money. The optimal, proactive approach is to prevent water damage with an annual inspection of your plumbing system, to detect water leaks, etc.

Extend Your Plumbing System’s Lifespan With Timely Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs 

The installation of a completely new plumbing system will chew up your time, money, and patience. You can avoid this hassle with preventative plumbing maintenance. 

Annual maintenance and timely repairs extend your plumbing system’s lifespan. An extended service life is particularly important for expensive water heaters that will cost that much more to replace after a breakdown. 

You Have the Power to Keep Your Home Plumbing Functional for Years to Come 

Ask homeowners who have neglected their plumbing about the consequences and you will be inundated with woeful tales of water damage, costly repairs and time-consuming re-installations.  

Spend the little bit of money to keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape and the investment will pay for itself in the years to come. 

Perhaps most importantly, paying attention to your home plumbing system will provide an invaluable peace of mind as you will feel fully confident your pipes will function as intended. 

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Bell Plumbing & Heating has been providing customers with plumbing and heating services since 1926, but that’s not all we do today. We also offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling services (we’ve been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for over 50 years now), drain and sewer line services, and electrical repairs and installations. 

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