5 Reasons to Tune Up Your AC This Summer

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You always hear that it’s important to tune up central air conditioners each year, but do you know why? Learn five reasons to never skip a tune-up for your central air conditioner before Denver’s intense heat arrives.

Reasons to have your air conditioner tuned up:

1. Lower Utility Bills

When your air conditioner is not operating efficiently, it works harder to cool your home. As a result, you consume more electricity and receive higher utility bills.  Have your A/C unit tuned up by a Bell Plumbing and Heating HVAC technician, who can clean the unit, replace the filter, and adjust all settings. Doing this will ensure the central air conditioner is operating efficiently. That tune-up soon pays for itself as your monthly bills become lower.

2. Reliable Cooling

Denver is known for having hot summer days, but the temperature always seem to cool off in the evening . However, we tend to like our homes to maintain a nice, even temperature throughout the day. If you’ve ever noticed that some rooms seem cool while others still seem warm, it’s a sign that your air conditioner needs a tune-up. When the central air conditioner is serviced regularly, it will respond reliably to every change in temperature. Soon you will notice the hot and cold pockets even out, and the unit cools the home quickly to your preferred temperature.

3. Prolong Performance

With any home system, preventative maintenance is the key to protecting and preserving lifespan and performance. With a central air conditioner, preventative maintenance in the form of a tune-up keeps the unit operating at its best. An HVAC technician from Bell Plumbing and Heating will catch small issues before they grow into big problems. Fixing small issues is not only cheaper, but it can also help your unit last longer. Estimates suggest that without tune-ups, a central air conditioner needs replacement after seven years. Not having your unit regularly serviced or tuned-up can even void the manufacturer’s warranty. With regular tune-ups, you can replace the utilities every fifteen years.

4. Avoid Midsummer Breakdowns

Does it always seem like the air conditioner goes on strike in summer? That’s because Denver’s hot summer temperatures place a high demand on your A/C unit, and any problems will soon exacerbate. By tuning up the air conditioner, you can help it perform well during the summer months. Skipping a tune-up, unfortunately, increases the odds that an old unit will limp through summer, breaking down precisely when the most intense heat wave arrives.

5. Save Money

For many homeowners, this is the big motivator. Paying for annual tune-ups of your central air conditioner saves money over the lifetime of the unit by increasing efficiency, decreasing repair costs, and extending the lifespan of the air conditioner.

The best time to have your air conditioner tuned up is before you rely on it for daily use. In Colorado, this is typically in the late spring, right before it gets too hot. Reach out to Bell’s HVAC technicians now to schedule air conditioning maintenance. You won’t regret it.

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