5 Things to Check before Calling An HVAC Technician

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When you adjust the thermostat, you expect the heating system to respond. When the system doesn’t, it’s tempting to seek emergency HVAC repair so you can get heat.

In some cases, however, you can avoid hefty emergency service fees, saving yourself money, by troubleshooting the problem first. Here are five things to check before you schedule a visit by an HVAC professional.

1. Check thermostat settings 

A thermostat will only trigger the heating system if it is set to auto or heat, and when the fan is set to the on position. In some cases, a simple flip of a button can encourage the appropriate response from your home’s heating system. 

If your thermostat is programmable, there may be a problem with the clock or date settings, which is preventing the furnace from responding.

Review any pre-programmed settings, then follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to make needed adjustments. 

2. Replace the batteries 

Many thermostats rely on batteries to operate. Put a fresh set of batteries in your thermostat, then change the settings. If the furnace comes on, consider the problem solved. 

3. Check your circuit breaker and emergency switch

Whenever something in the home isn’t working right, it’s always smart to check the circuit breaker and the emergency switch, which controls the furnace.

If there’s a blown fuse or if the emergency switch was depressed, the thermostat won’t respond as you expect. Reset any tripped switches on the circuit breaker to troubleshoot the thermostat problem. 

4. Clean the air filters 

If you hear the furnace fire up, yet don’t feel warm air, it could be a filter issue. When air filters become clogged, hot air cannot easily pass through the furnace. Clean or replace a dirty air filter, then see if your thermostat responds better. Moving forward, follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual to keep the furnace filter clean. 

5. Open the registers 

If some rooms feel warm but others are still cold, it could be an issue with the heating registers and not the thermostat. Walk through the home, making sure that all heating registers are in the open position. This helps warm air flow into the rooms to heat the home. 

By taking a few minutes to check things out, you may solve the problem. But if your heating system still does not respond, give Bell Plumbing and Heating a call for quick, professional service.

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