What Makes a Plumber High Quality?

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When you hire a service professional, any service professional, to do work in your home, you want to know you can trust them, right? After all, it’s your property and you want to do everything you can to protect your investment, including your massive plumbing system.

Entrusting plumbing services to any amateur or handyman, who lacks training and experience, will end up costing you money for further repairs, and can leave you with constant concerns about whether the work was done effectively.

You would hopefully not have any trouble picking out an amateur plumber, but how can you choose a truly great Denver plumber amongst all of those who serve the area? Keep reading for some of the characteristics that make a professional plumber high quality!

Licensing and Qualifications

Is your plumber licensed to work in your area? Do they receive regular training and education in their field? Do they know the building codes for your community? If the answer isn’t yes to one of more of these questions, you may need to dig a bit more and make sure the plumber you’re about to hire is well qualified!

Variety of Services

A plumber who works on more than just the occasional leaky pipe is likely going to be a quality plumber. When searching for a plumber it’s a wise idea to seek one out who offers whole-house repiping, sump pump services, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and other plumbing jobs we may not have even listed here!

Years in Business

It’s generally recommended that when you hire a plumbing company, it be one that’s had at least 10 years of experience in our area. This indicates the plumber has plenty of hands-on training and experience, and also shows community trust and customer satisfaction. That said, we’d like to mention—we’ve been in business for nearly a century!

An Updated Website

A typical, basic website is easy for any professional to have, nevertheless a plumber. Anyone can pay for a decent web presence. However, if your plumbing contractor’s website features a number of pages describing the various plumbing services and products they offer, in addition to current promotions and an updated blog, this means they are committed to reaching out to and helping local customers.

Positive Customer Reviews

With today’s internet capabilities, it’s pretty easy to look up customer reviews. And you should! Be sure to check and see what people are saying, good and bad, so that you can come to an educated decision about the right plumber to hire.

Look for reviews that mention the speed of which plumbers worked, the effectiveness of their repairs, the options available for installation, and more. This will give you a great idea of the type of work you can expect when you hire this team.

Get peace of mind by calling Bell Plumbing and Heating, the company metro area homeowners have been trusting for over 90 years!

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