When Is the Last Time You Had Your Pipes Inspected?

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This probably goes without saying, but plumbing has moved well past the simple tools that were introduced 50-60 years ago. Newer tools and technology have helped professional plumbers in a number of different ways, in order to help us provide more effective repair techniques at less of a cost for our customers.

Among the various Denver, CO plumbing innovations that weren’t even a consideration just a couple short decades ago is video pipe inspection. This has rapidly become a staple in modern plumbing as it arms our plumbers with accurate information about your plumbing that no technology in the past has been able to do—making it far easier for us to deal with your leaks and clogs.

Pipes Are Often Hard to Reach

You’ve probably never even laid eyes on portions of your plumbing system, given that much of it is beneath flooring and behind walls. After all, nobody wants to look at plumbing pipes, and having them exposed runs the risk of damaging them anyway.

There’s a snag to this, however. When leaks do spring up, or if there’s a clog in the pipe, it can be difficult for the naked eye to determine where exactly the problem lies. Some leaks can be small, and therefore hard to locate, while others can be caused by widespread corrosion in the pipes. Clogs can be even more insidious. You can’t determine what a given clog might be comprised of, which means you can’t possibly clear it adequately on your own.

In the past, a plumber would need to employ a general solution like a motorized snake, and hope for the best. It took a lot of guesswork, where now that’s not a concern.

Video Pipe Inspection Benefits

Video Pipe Inspection has changed the game when it comes to determining where your plumbing problems are. There is a small camera placed on the end of line that is guided through your pipes, to locate the problem area, as well as what’s causing the problem. From there, we can determine what the best next steps will be.

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