Reasons You Need Pro Drain Cleaning

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You suddenly find yourself with a slow drain, a clogged drain, or even worse, a recurring clogged drain. You may now have an irresistible impulse to “solve” the problem by finding the most caustic cleaner available to pour down the offending drain. Don’t do it! While you may have some short-term relief, the use – especially repeated use – of caustic cleaners will damage the interior of your pipe system and create bigger problems down the road. Instead, when you find yourself in the situations below, it’s time to call for professional help. 

You may have the desire to clean out a drain on your own. After all, how complicated can it be? As with the use of caustic cleaners, though, you don’t want to cause more problems than you solve. Depending on the location and cause of a drain problem, you likely won’t have the industrial equipment needed for a satisfactory resolution. Instead, you should always call your local plumbing experts for pro drain cleaning.

Clogged Drain

Does a clogged drain ever happen at a convenient time? That’s why when it happens, the human impulse is to choose the caustic cleaner nuclear option. As noted above, however, this can create severe pipe damage without addressing the root cause of a clog, especially a recurring one. That’s why you need a professional assessment.

Multiple Clogged Drains

Even worse than one clogged drain is multiple clogged drains. This is a clear sign to call for help as the source of the blockage is likely deep inside your pipe system. Sure, homeowners may have a hand-crank snake to clear out a small problem, but one like this will usually require the longer, motorized snake utilized by plumbers.


If you have drains or toilets backing up, especially if they’re at the lowest point in the house and aren’t being used, this is usually a sign of major blockage in the sewer line running out of your house. This could be caused by buildup in the line or even tree root intrusion. Or, if you have older clay or metal pipes, they may have deteriorated to the point where they must be replaced. Either way, a plumbing pro can insert a miniature camera into your pipe system to locate the source of the problem and determine the best solution.

Sewage Smells

If you have sewage odors coming from drains, that’s typically a sign of a sewage line break or leak. It could, however, be the result of waste buildup on the interior of pipes due to a slow drain. Once again, you’ll need a professional inspection to determine how serious the problem is.

Protect Your Plumbing

When it comes to your plumbing, the best way to avoid unexpected problems is not to have them in the first place. To do this, you should consider a regularly scheduled maintenance. Our trained technicians have the knowledge and equipment necessary to keep your drains clear and running smoothly.

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