3 Ways to Break an Air Conditioner

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If you want to know how to treat your air conditioner right, the first step is knowing what not to do. As your local HVAC service provider of choice, we can make sure that your air conditioning system works well throughout the summer. As a general approach, unless you’re a trained and certified technician, it’s best to go with a hands-off approach.

Now, let’s take a look at some bad ideas that will shed light on what every homeowner should be doing as we approach the hottest time of year.

(Don’t) Sign Up for Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to invest in a low-cost professional maintenance. Here’s just 2:

  1. Ease of mind. Take a load off! Let the pros be the pros and take care of your system the way your manufacturer intended. While changing the air filter is relatively simple to do, checking the refrigerant charge, electrical connections, and airflow must be completed by a professional.
  2. Lower your bills. A clean AC system is one that is not only effective but which operates at minimum cost to you. Let’s keep those electricity bills to a minimum!

We offer an incredible AC maintenance service that will keep your cooling system in tip-top shape throughout the cooling season.

(Don’t) Call Immediately for Repair

If your AC is broken, then get it fixed. This golden rule applies to most things within the home, but especially your HVAC system. We often find that homeowners might have saved their air conditioner, or at least kept it running for a few years had they called for repair as soon as they noticed a problem.

Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Grinding or banging noises. Nope, your AC shouldn’t be making such a racket. If it is, there’s trouble afoot. Get ahead of it with an AC repair call.
  • Unusually high energy bills. If you’re concerned about a sudden spike in your electricity bill, then make sure to reach out to a qualified HVAC technician.
  • Hot and cold spots. These are sure-fire reasons that your ventilation system needs to be re-calibrated or that your master controls are sending the wrong signals to the different zones.

Try and Fix It Yourself (Please Don’t)

AC problems are best left to a professional technician: please don’t try and tackle them yourself! Doing so may not only be dangerous due to the materials and equipment you’re dealing with (refrigerant, electricity), but you could do serious damage to critical components, such as the indoor and outdoor coils or the compressor itself.

The same applies to your ducts: that grey tape is a misnomer, so please make sure to reach out to a trained professional if you think your ducts are leaking.

Get peace of mind by calling Bell Plumbing and Heating, the company metro area homeowners have been trusting for over 90 years!

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