Signs of Trouble from Your Furnace

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Trouble from your heating system rarely arrives unannounced. While some issues result in a sudden shutdown — usually due to a safety concern such as leaking gas or because of imminent danger to some component in the system — many will advertise themselves with subtle signs that something is wrong. This is the time of year when those signs often make themselves apparent. You can spot them if you know what to look for.

Frankly, anything that you don’t recognize as part of your furnace’s normal ability to function should be cause for concern. And you should never attempt to diagnose or repair a furnace yourself. Instead, if you spot the signs of trouble, turn the system off and summon a repair service immediately.

Some of those signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low air flow, that usually results from a blocked air passage or a problem with the fan. It forces your system to work harder and can often leave hot air trapped inside the furnace.
  • Low heat levels, created by anything from a breach in the ducts to clogged burners. As with low air flow, that usually forces the furnace to work harder than it should.
  • Higher bills, which can indicate a component that is failing and forcing the system to spend more energy.
  • Strange noises that you don’t associate with your heating system’s normal ability to function. That can include anything from bumps to groans to whistles. In most cases, they start and stop in time with the furnace.
  • Short cycling, which is when the furnace turns off and on multiple times throughout the day. The system uses much more energy turning on and off than it does simply running, which can make this a very serious problem.

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