Video Inspection Makes Sewer and Drain Repair Easy

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Problems with your sewer and drain system here in Denver, CO used to be of serious concern, especially in the winter when the ground can freeze solid. Reaching a breached drain or clogged sewer line meant excavating the entire pipe, which could be an expensive and dangerous problem. These days, however, trenchless repair techniques allow technicians to fix the problem without having to dig: saving a lot of money and time while taking care of the problem properly. That starts with video inspection, which has been a quiet revolution in plumbing services.

A Close Look

If you have a cell phone, chances are it has a video camera built in, as small as your fingernail. It lets you shoot your own movies anywhere you want, simply by holding up your phone and pushing a button. The same technology gives plumbers an unprecedented look indie the pipes of your drain and sewer lines. The camera is run down on a flexible cable, along with a small light. The technician is able to see the images from inside the pipe on a tablet or similar device.

The Benefits

That in turn, prevents a lot of second guessing or fishing expeditions when it comes to pinpointing the cause and extent of the problem. Video camera inspections can check an entire length of pipe for breaches, for instance, or identify the precise component causing a bad clog. That accuracy then allows the technician to select the precise tool for the job and ensures that the repair service treats the whole problem and not just one part of it. The repair is conducted with greater efficiency and in a fraction of the time: all without having to dig a single shovelful of earth.

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