Equipment Rebates for the Holidays!

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The holidays are here, and that means your household budget is going to be stretched more than ever. Everyone has their gift lists to fill out, as well as holiday decorations to put up and special meals to prepare. All of that can put a serious crimp in your bank account.

Even worse, there might be more practical things your household needs that you must budget for: things like new plumbing fixtures or perhaps an electrical appliance that desperately needs replacing. These can be considered gifts — and it’s certainly nice to have a new piece of household equipment around to help make the season a little more memorable — but it also means adding more costs to your bank account.

We understand that the holidays can put strain on even the most generous budget, all the more so when you need work done on your home or a new appliance added. That’s why we’re offering equipment rebates for the holidays to help keep those costs in hand and ensure that your holidays are truly happy ones.

Rebates help cut down on the cost of the new unit you’re installing considerably. That helps you get the product or equipment that’s perfect for your home, instead of settling for something that costs less but might not have the features you need. It also comes on top of the other guarantees we offer, such as our double labor warranty ensuring that the work we do is conducted in precisely the right way. Whether you need t new sink installed, a heater refitted, electrical wiring set up for a new entertainment system, or any other addition to your home you may need.

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