Keep Your Electrical System in Good Shape by Following These 3 Tips

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Along with running water, your electrical system is the most important components in your household: providing vital power of lights, heat and key appliances such as your refrigerator. We often take our electrical systems for granted, especially in older homes where the wiring has been doing its job for many years. But no one wants to deal with a sudden problem in the wiring, especially when it cuts power to important parts of the house.

In many cases, problems with your home electrical system can be dealt with before they cause a problem. That means practicing a few steps on your system to check it for trouble and ensure that it doesn’t spring any nasty surprises for you. Only a trained electrician should diagnose problems and make repairs. However, laymen can do their part by following these three tips.

1.     Practice Sensible Energy Habits

The best way to reduce stress on your electrical system is not to use quite so much electricity. Cost-saving, energy-saving tips will also help your electrical system go longer without suffering any problems. Make sure you change the filters on you appliances (such as the refrigerator or air conditioner) and have them serviced regularly to keep them running efficiently. When it comes to more active energy usage, set the thermostat a little warmer or cooler than you’re comfortable with (whichever costs less). Dress more warmly in your home during the winter – sweaters are great – and more lightly in the summer. Make sure you turn off any lights you aren’t currently using, and look for new appliances with the EnergyStar label, which means they meet the highest government standards for energy efficiency.

2.     Avoid Overloads

Overloading is very common for any outlets that are forced to take on too many appliances. Use surge protectors whenever possible and don’t try to plug too many appliances into a single out. A trained electrician can install additional outlets in your home to spread the load around, and can also replace outlets that have becomes damaged or old. For homes that are especially prone to overloads, an energy audit can be conducted: helping to pinpoint trouble spots and determine alternate ways to lower the strain on your electrical system.

3.     Do It Yourself

There are additional steps you can take around the home that can shore up energy expenses, and in turn help you reduce the load on your electrical grid. For example, if there are cracks under your windows or around your doors, you can seal them with weather stripping. Or you can add a new thermostat that lets you turn the system off remotely or make micro-adjustments to the settings base on your habits and the local conditions outside. This investments are inexpensive and easy to install, but can lower the load on your electrical system considerably.

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