Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

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Cool weather tends to come early here in Colorado, and with the coming of September comes a similar need to fire up our heaters and eventually shut off our air conditioners until next spring. There are steps to this process that you can and should take to help protect your air conditioner during the off-season and help lower the effects of the weather on it and ensure that it’s ready to go when you need it in 2018. We’ve included a few steps here.

Turn off the Electricity

Once you’re certain that you won’t need your air conditioner for the remainder of the year, go to your power box and shut off electrical power to the AC. This prevents it from turning on again turning an unusual hot spell, which will create huge problems for the system as soon as the weather cools off when the sun goes down.

Clean and Protect the Outside

The outside part of the unit is of the biggest concern for homeowners, since it’s going to be exposed to inclement weather in the fall and winter. Removed anything and everything within 18 inches of the unit, including leaves, weeds and similar debris. Clean the fan blades with a hose – ensuring that the weather is still warm enough to keep the water from freezing – and when you’re sure you won’t have need of the system again until the spring, cover it with a tarp or fitted AC cover (which can be purchased at any home improvement center in the area).

Check on It

After any winter storm or inclement weather, take a look at your air conditioner and check for any signs of damage, as well as clearing any debris that may have gather because of the weather or similar factors.

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