Change Your AC Air Filter if You Want it to Stay in Good Shape This Summer

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When it comes to keeping your air conditioner as healthy as possible this summer, the best thing to do is schedule professional maintenance services. If you want something that you personally can do to help your air conditioner operate properly, though, you can always make sure that your air filter is kept in good shape.

Why Changing the Air Filter is Important

The air filter sits in the air return duct of your air conditioning system, so that all air entering the system has to flow through it. Dust and other debris that flows into the air filter becomes snared in the fibers, protecting the air conditioner from becoming damaged. While the air filter is quite effective at capturing contaminants that might harm the air conditioner, it can’t get rid of the things that it captures. If the filter isn’t cleaned out every few months, it will become clogged.

A clogged air filter will prevent a lot of air from flowing into the system. This will cut down on the output from the air conditioner, and cause the system to struggle in other ways the longer the filter remains clogged. This is why it’s important to change the air filter every few months.

How to Change the Air Filter

First, locate the air return duct and the flap that covers the air filter. Open the flap and pull the filter out, making note of the direction that the arrows on the edge of the filter are pointing. Once the old filter is removed, slide the new filter in, making sure that the arrows are pointing in the same direction. Close the flap. That’s all you need to do! Just make sure to do that every few months, and your air filter should function just fine this summer.

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