Some Electrical Problems You Need to be Aware of

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We write quite frequently about the various issues that can affect HVAC and plumbing systems. Those are all important things to be aware of. One area that all homeowners should be aware of, and concerned about, though, is that of electrical issues. Virtually all homes across the country rely heavily on their electrical systems to operate properly from day to day. Issues with those electrical systems can not only hamper the operation of various other systems in the home, but also pose serious risk to life and limb. It is for those reasons that we feel we should outline one of those serious electrical issues that you should be aware of, and the symptoms it presents.

Short Circuits

Perhaps the most common issue to afflict electrical systems in homes is the short circuit. A short circuit is a point at which the electrical current is flowing along a path with very low resistance, specifically in a way it isn’t supposed to. That could be due to two wires touching that should not be, or a wire coming into contact with another material that offers a separate path.

There are two major concerns when it comes to short circuits. The first concern is that a short circuit could spark a fire. This can happen if a high enough electrical current is channeled into a flammable material, like wooden studs or drywall. Warning signs that this could be about to happen include hot spots in areas of the walls or floor, a burning smell, or smoke.

The second concern is electrocution, which usually happens when a person comes into contact with a short circuit, providing a path of least resistance for the current to flow down. This can be prevented by installing GFCI or AFCI outlets in your home, which we highly recommend. Aside from that, though, the best way to avoid personal injury from contact with an electrical current is to shut down the circuit if you suspect a problem, and to call for repairs right away.

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