Warning Signs That Your Electrical Panel is in Trouble

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The electrical panel is a key part of keeping your home’s electrical systems safe. However, even it is not immune to developing problems. Electrical panel issues can be especially harmful, as they can endanger the rest of your home’s electrical appliances, as well. It’s important that you be able to tell when your electrical panel is in need of professional services. If you’re not sure whether or not your electrical panel needs professional services, have a look at the warning signs below.

Frequent Circuit Tripping/Fuse Burnout

Your electrical panel, whether it’s a circuit breaker or a fuse box, protects your home by interrupting the electrical circuit in the event of an overload. A fuse box contains fuses, which will melt when the electrical current running through them exceeds safety limits. A circuit breaker, on the other hand, will simply trip a switch and need to be reset.

It’s not unusual to have this happen every once in a while, but typically the problem can be solved by lightening the load on the circuit a bit before resetting the breaker. If the circuit breaker or fuse box is frequently tripping, then it’s an indication of a more serious issue. You should call for repairs as soon as you notice this happening to your electrical panel.

Burning Smells

There’s practically no time when a burning smell in your home is not a cause for concern. This is especially true if the smell is coming from your electrical panel. If this is the case, you should call for professional repair services as soon as possible. If the panel is malfunctioning, you need to have it fixed before something like an electrical fire occurs.

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