How to Reset Your Circuit Breaker

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It’s easy to get annoyed with circuit breakers, considering the only time you’re likely to interact with yours is when it trips. The circuit breaker is an important safety device, though, one that you need to know how to reset properly if you want to keep your electrical system functioning. Let’s go over how to safely reset your circuit breaker in the event that it trips.


Before you even touch the circuit breaker, it’s a good idea to prep the circuit you’re about to reset. The most common cause of a circuit breaker tripping is too much of a load on the circuit, often caused by plugging in too many appliances. Unplug all appliances on the circuit that caused the breaker to trip. Once you’ve reset the circuit breaker, you can begin plugging appliances back in to see if the breaker trips again. If it does, you might want to lighten the load by moving some appliances to other circuits (or leaving them unplugged).

Locate the Switch

Open the circuit breaker and look for the switch flipped to the “off” position. Under some circumstances, the switch may be in-between the “on” and “off” position. Make sure that the switch is flipped all the way to the “off” position, then flip it back to the “on” position. That should reset the circuit. Go check to make sure that the circuit is receiving power again; the easiest way to do that is just by flipping the nearest light switch. If everything is functioning properly, close the circuit breaker case and get back to whatever you were doing. If you’re still having problems with the circuit, call a professional to examine the system.

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