Why You Should Install a New Thermostat

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Thermostats so often get left behind by homeowners when it comes to staying updated. There are a couple of different reasons for this, including that a thermostat can typically stay functioning for over 30 years, and that older thermostats often don’t give off as many obvious signs that they need replacing as climate control systems do. Nevertheless, if you’re still using an old mercury thermostat (or even an older digital thermostat) it’s time that you replaced it with something to better serve your needs.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is a digital thermostat that is designed to anticipate your needs. It does this by monitoring your climate control habits over the first few weeks that you use it. Before long, it will have made note of the various temperatures that you are comfortable with at different times of the day. It will adjust itself accordingly from then on, without needing your input. This is a great way to increase your comfort and convenience, as well as save money in the process. You can also program the thermostat to set the temperature higher or lower during the hours when no one is home to take advantage of it. 50 degrees might be too cold if someone were actually home, but if everyone is at work or school during those hours, why not? You can set the thermostat to start warming up the home before you return, so the actual inconvenience to you is virtually non-existent.

Wireless Thermostats

Perhaps the single greatest drawback to using a traditional thermostat is that it can only cover one small area of the home. That’s all well and good for that one part of the house, but it will hardly be able to provide proper climate control for other areas of the home. Applying the same level of heating or cooling to the entire house tends to create hot and cold spots, thanks to different rooms having different heating and cooling needs. Wireless thermostats can solve this problem.

A wireless thermostat consists of a central unit, which is wired into the climate control systems, and wireless satellite units. These satellite units can be carried from room to room, and transmit the data they collect back to the central unit. When one of the satellite units detects a need for climate control, it will send the command to the central unit, which will relay it to the appropriate system.

This allows you to have a much finer degree of control over your indoor climate. It will also allow you to have accurate thermostat coverage from any room in the house, without needing to wire a thermostat into the wall in each area. Wireless thermostats are also a great option for homes with multiple occupants, so that no one has to war over a single thermostat anymore.

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