How to Select the Right Generator for Your Power Needs

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So you’ve finally gotten tired of having to break out the candles every time the power goes out for an extended period of time. Plenty of people are in the same situation, actually. The country’s power infrastructure is aging, and obsolete in many places. As the demand on the power grid continues to build, the power supply will continue to become unreliable during times of extreme load. The best way to handle this kind of problem is to have a generator of some kind installed in your home.

Not every generator is good for every occasion, though. If you’ve decided to have a generator installed in your home, you’re going to need to make some big decisions. Have a look at the items below to help you find the best generator for your situation.

Generator Types

The first thing you need to do is decide how much of your home’s power supply you want to secure in case of a power outage. For example, if you just want to keep the lights on and the basic home systems running, you’re probably going to be fine with a basic backup generator. These are often portable systems, powered by either propane or gasoline. The system will not be able to power everything you probably normally run in your home, but it will at least take care of the essentials until the lights come back on. If you have more substantial power needs, though, you’re going to need something bigger.

Automatic standby generators are much larger and more powerful systems, designed to cope with higher power requirements during an outage. Instead of being refueled manually, standby generators are supplied by their own natural gas lines. If you already have a natural gas line, you can often just have the generator run off the same line instead of laying an entirely separate one. Standby generators monitor the amount of power running through your home, and will automatically detect when the current ceases. As soon as this happens, the generator will take over and start to supply power to the home.

Standby generators are much more common in areas that experience frequent power outages, especially if they have systems that must remain powered at all times. Medical equipment, servers, and similar sensitive systems often have standby generators installed to help safeguard them. You don’t need to have a power outage be a life-and-death affair in order to benefit from this generator type, though. If nothing else, this kind of system will ensure that you don’t have food spoiling in your fridge, or climate control malfunctions.

If you’re not sure what type of generator will fit your needs best, make sure that you call a professional to evaluate your home for you. They’ll be able to identify which generator options are available for your situation, and to suggest which one would benefit you the most.

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