How a Hot Water Recirculation Pump Can Save You Money

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Ever turned on the faucet and had to wait for what felt like minutes for hot water to reach you? It’s a terribly frustrating feeling, and it also happens to cost more money than it should. That problem is caused by the way that your plumbing system and water heater interact, and it can be fixed by using a hot water recirculation pump.

The Problem

The reason that you have to wait through 30+ seconds of cold water before it start to warm up is because your water heater has to pump hot water through the plumbing pipes to get to the faucet. If you are using hot water, and then you turn it off, the water heater doesn’t keep pumping hot water to that location. The flow stops, which means if you wait a while before turning on the hot water faucet again, the water heater will have to pump more water the whole way there.

This is a problem mainly because you’re wasting water waiting for it to warm up. No one wants to take an ice-cold shower, especially in the middle of winter, so they wait. The problem is that you’re still using that cold water, and multiple instances like this one start to add up over time. You are actually wasting a decent bit of money on water that you’re not even using when you do this.

The Solution

A hot water recirculation pump is designed to solve this problem by keeping hot water moving through the pipes, even when you’re not using it. That way, when you turn on the faucet you can immediately make use of hot water instead of having to wait for it. This will make you more comfortable, and save you money in the process.

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