Signs You Need a Water Treatment System

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Municipal water treatment facilities remove much of the harmful substances naturally found in water before piping it into homes. While this water treatment process is quite effective, it is not foolproof. There will always be some trace amounts of harmful materials that make it into your home. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to install a water treatment system. Read on to find out more about the signs that you need a water treatment system.

Discolored Water

Some occasional discoloration right after turning on your faucet is not necessarily a problem. This is especially true if the water is reddish/brown for a few seconds after the water line has been turned off and then on again. Most of the time, that indicates that there’s some rust in the system somewhere that might eventually need to be dealt with. If your water is consistently discolored, however, it could mean that you have some kind of contamination that needs to be taken care of.

Lime Scale

Lime scale is a white, chalky substance that builds up in areas that are exposed to hard water over time. If allowed to build up enough in your plumbing pipes, the lime scale will restrict the flow of water through them. You can tell if you have a hard water problem by looking for lime scale in your bath, shower, and around your faucets. If lime scale is present in those locations, you almost certainly have it in your plumbing system. If you see this happening, don’t wait for it to cause more problems in your plumbing system. Call for water treatment services right away, so that you can protect your home from hard water.

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