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For a great many years, the only type of water heater available to homeowners was the tank variety. While that type of water heater is still the most popular type on the market, there are plenty of new options for people with different water heating needs. Let’s take a look at a couple of the more common water heater types, and how they can fit your needs.

Tank Water Heaters

A tank water heater is a system that uses a large storage tank to hold and heat water. This kind of system is on pretty much at all times, maintaining a standing supply of hot water so it’s available to you whenever you need it. Tank water heaters are popular because they can keep up with a high level of demand for a long period of time. A tank water heater is undoubtedly convenient, especially if you have a large household. However, operating at all times uses a lot of energy over the course of a year. There are more energy efficient models available, especially if you don’t have a need for quite so much hot water.

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater, as you might have guessed, doesn’t use a storage tank to heat water. Instead, it uses a heat exchanger to heat water as it flows through the system on the way to its destination. A tankless water heater turns on only when it is needed, making it much more energy efficient than the standard tank water heater. However, the lack of a space for water storage means that a tankless water heater will become overwhelmed by demand much more easily.

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