Why Does My Entire Bathroom Reek Like an Open Sewer?

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Bathrooms aren’t necessarily known for being the sweetest-smelling room in the house. However, if your bathroom inexplicably reeks of sewer waste it’s a pretty good indication that something is wrong. If your bathroom smells quite a bit worse than it normally does, read on to find out why.

Your Drains

More often than not, the source of sewer smells in a bathroom will be located in the drain pipes. There are a few different reasons why your drains might be exuding horrible smells. First, it’s possible that your water trap has dried up. The water trap is the U-shaped bend in the pipe underneath the sink. This bend is designed to hold water at all times, preventing odors and other things from making it up and into the home. If the drain hasn’t been used in quite a while, it’s possible for the water in the trap to evaporate. This allows sewer gases to float up into the bathroom. Running the water for a while should resolve the problem, if that is indeed the case.

It’s also possible that you have waste building up on the walls of your drain pipe. This is more common in kitchen drains, which deal with large amounts of food waste. However, it can still happen in bathroom drains. If this is the case, drain cleaning is the best way to get rid of the problem.

Finally, you may have a problem deeper in your sewer system that is forcing sewer gases up through your drains. If this is the case, though, it will often affect multiple drains at once. If that is happening, it’s going to require more extensive effort to fix.

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