Do I Need a New Air Conditioner?

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Summer is here, and it’s important that you have a good air conditioner to keep your home cool for the next couple of months. Eventually, you’re going to reach a point where your air conditioner can’t make it through another season. You don’t want your system to die on you in the middle of the hottest season of the year, so it’s important that you be able to recognize the signs that you need a new air conditioner. Let’s take a look at those signs now.

Higher Operating Costs

As an air conditioner gets older, the wear and tear it accumulates will cause the efficiency of the system to decline. The system is forced to stay on for longer and longer periods of time in order to compensate for the dropping efficiency, which in-turn causes the monthly operating cost to go up. Monthly bills that are going up for no reason are a good sign that you need a new air conditioner.

Rising Repairs

As the system wears down, the various parts inside it will start to fail in groups. This vastly increases the number of repairs the air conditioner needs. Normally, an air conditioning system should only need repairs every few years. If you need to repair your air conditioner every few months, you should consider replacing it.


Air conditioners are manufactured to last around 25 years, after which point they start to develop problems like those listed above. You can keep an older air conditioner operating past that point, but it will become increasingly expensive. If your air conditioner is older than two decades, you should consult with a professional about replacing it.

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