Why You May Need a Humidifier This Summer

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Summer is here, and you’re probably going to be using your air conditioner quite a bit to keep yourself cool for the next few months. With how warm days tend to get during the summer, you may think that more humidity is the absolute last thing you need. However, you may be surprised to learn that low humidity can become quite the problem during the summer. Let’s take a look at why low humidity is an issue during the summer season.

Causes of Low Humidity During Summer

Colorado is hardly a desert state, so normally we don’t have to deal with ultra-dry conditions. However, during the summer people tend to shut all of their doors and windows while running their air conditioners. An air conditioner naturally acts as a dehumidifier, cooling the air in the ducts past the dew point and siphoning moisture out of it. Without more humidity flowing into the home, the air inside can become stale and dry.

Chronically dry air presents a number of problems, for both you and your home. Your skin and the membranes in your nose will dry out and crack in air with low humidity. This makes it easier for you to be infected by germs. The dryness will also make wood more brittle, and prone to damage. This applies to books, furniture, and even the studs in your walls. Even though the day outside may be hot and humid, it can be quite dry in your home if you use your air conditioner a lot.

Why be forced to choose between comfort and health, though? By installing a humidifier, you can restore that lost moisture to your home’s air without having to worry about using your air conditioner.

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