Why You Should Consider Installing a Backup Generator

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The worst of winter is behind us, but although you may have been spared a power outage this year, this does not mean you’ll be as lucky next year. While some power outages are fairly short-lived, some areas have experienced no power for several days, over the course of the last 5 years.

When you live somewhere like Colorado, you cannot afford to be without power. Temperatures have been known to dip below 0 degrees in the wintertime, and you do not want to be caught without a heater! So should you consider installing a backup generator to ensure you always have electricity?

Installing a Backup Generator Makes Sense

When it comes down to it, you never know when the power will go out. This means you never know when you’ll need a backup generator, but when you do need it you’ll be happy you have it! A backup generator can protect you from a disruption you might not be able to afford. For example, let’s say you rely on electrically powered medical equipment, or you work at home and need to stay connected. These are both cases in which a backup generator would be essential.

Could I Just Use a Portable Generator?

Simply put, portable generators cannot match the comprehensiveness and power of whole-house backup generators. Portable devices require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure they’re operating correctly and safely. A permanent backup generator will give you peace of mind that you can keep your appliances and electronics running during a power outage.

Remember, you need a professional to assess your load needs as well as the logistics of installing a backup generator in your home. For example, if you plan on connecting to your local natural gas system, you’ll need a high-pressure, high-volume line. Installing a backup generator requires advanced electrical and plumbing skills, as well as knowledge of local building codes.

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