Now Is the Time to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

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With temperatures still in the low to mid-30s at night, you likely haven’t given your air conditioner much thought. However, spring is on its way, and soon enough warmer temperatures will have you craving cooler air. When we do get to that first truly hot day, you don’t want to be stuck with an air conditioner that needs repairs, or even replacement. Therefore, if you haven’t scheduled air conditioning maintenance in the last year, now is the time to do it.

The Earlier, the Better

Why should you schedule air conditioning maintenance this far in advance? Well, you won’t need to scramble to get repairs done in the heat of summer, when you’ll be hard-pressed to find an HVAC technician that isn’t booked. During your maintenance appointment, your technician will provide a comprehensive inspection and let you know if anything needs repair or replacement. The earlier these repairs are completed, the better. Tackling small problems now is one of the best ways to avoid bigger problems down the road.

Avoid Premature System Failure

One of the most common reasons for premature AC system failure is neglect. Regular maintenance and upkeep helps your air conditioner run well over its entire life cycle. In addition, by cleaning cooling coils, fan blades, and various other components of your AC, your HVAC technician is helping your system work as efficiently as possible. Not only does this help protect your system and prolong its life, it also helps maintain good indoor air quality.

It’s important to keep in mind that even the newest air conditioners lose a small percentage of their energy efficiency every year. These little bits add up though, and without proper upkeep, pretty soon you’ll find yourself paying a lot more to run your system than you used to.

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