Signs That Your Water Line Needs Repair

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The water line is the pipe responsible for bringing all fresh water into your home, whether from a well or the municipal water main. As such, it’s important that you make sure your water pipe is kept in good condition. Water pipes are pretty sturdy, and can often last for up to a century without needing to be replaced. However, you may find yourself needing to replace the pipe much more quickly if you aren’t careful. Read on for some of the early warning signs that your water line is in need of repair.


When a water line develops a serious leak or rupture, the water will rise up through the soil and start forming pools aboveground. If you have pools of water forming in your yard for no apparent reason, it’s possible that you have a leak in your water line. You should call for repairs just to be safe.

Loss of Water Pressure

Any time you have a loss in water pressure, it’s a sign that there is something seriously wrong somewhere in your plumbing system. This problem could be located in a couple of different places. You may have a rupture or blockage in one of your plumbing pipes. If the loss of pressure affects your entire home, though, then you probably have an issue with your water line.

High Water Bills

A leak in your water line will often contribute to a significant spike in your water bills. If your water bill is going up, even though you haven’t been using more water than you normally do, then your water line probably needs repairs of some kind.

If you think that your water line is in need of repair, call Bell Plumbing and Heating. We offer a full range of water line services throughout Denver, CO.

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