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When you think of cleaning your drains, what comes to mind the quickest? We hope it isn’t a plastic bottle of liquid “drain cleaner” found on the shelf of a grocery or convenience store. We understand if it is—“drain cleaning” is right in the name—but the truth is that the caustic and toxic blend of chemicals in these bottles is terrible news for your drains. The acidic action can ruin pipes with repeated use, and they can damage skin and eyes through exposure.

When it comes to cleaning drains of clogs and build-up, you can either rely on a sink plunger (safe, won’t hurt your pipes) or call up a plumber (safe, won’t hurt your pipes, and will get the job done no matter what). For drain cleaning in Littleton, CO that you can count on, call the experienced team at Bell Plumbing and Heating.

What professionals can do to clean your drains

Cleaning drains can range from the simple process of removing a single clog to extensive scouring of the pipe interiors to remove build-up and help prevent clogs and high water pressure in the future. Drain cleaning is both a repair job and preventive job.

If you have a tough clog which a sink plunger cannot handle, then your plumber can use a motorized drain snake to tackle the problem. A drain snake is a coil of wires that extends down through a drain into a drainpipe, where it then drills down into blockage with an action similar to a corkscrew. There are commercial hand-crank drain snakes available, but these are nowhere near as effective as the motorized models that professional plumbers will use.

In the rare case that a motorized drain snake is not sufficient to clear a clog, plumbers may use hydro-jetting, which blasts a high-pressure hot stream of water along the drain pipe, which is sufficient to break through most blockages.

Hydro-jetting is one of the main tools used for regular, ongoing drain cleaning. The scouring power of the hot water jets effectively eliminates organic build-up that will develop over time and lead to plumbing issues such as high water pressure. In some cases, plumbers will use video pipe inspection equipment that allows them to view the interior a drainpipe on a monitor, and this allows them to ascertain where to target cleaning efforts and what type of cleaning methods will work the best.

Call for drain cleaning now and whenever you need it

If you haven’t had ongoing drain cleaning for a number of years, now is the time to call up Bell Plumbing and Heating and arrange for drain cleaning in Littleton, CO. And if you have an emergency with a clog, you can reach our team of plumbers any time of the day or night to take care of it.

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