Hosting Holiday Gatherings?

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Hosting Holiday Gatherings?

We Are Here Should You Need Drain Cleaning

We are pretty sure that the last thing you’ll be thinking about this holiday season is the drains in your home. However, we do, because this tends to be one of our busiest times of year for drain clogs. Why? This is the season of many things, but food is always at the top of the list. And when there’s a lot of food around, there’s a lot food going down your kitchen drain that shouldn’t be. The good news is that the plumbing professionals from Bell Plumbing and Heating are here to help you clear any of your clogged drains with our professional drain cleaning services!

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Better

You may be very tempted to pour an over-the-counter drain cleaner down your newly-clogged drain. This would be a mistake for several reasons. First, these kinds of DIY solutions rarely remove the clog in your drain. Second, chemical OTC drain cleaners are made of highly caustic materials that can burn through your pipe, particularly if the pipe is made of PVC. Third, these cleaners cling for weeks because most of them are made in a gel form, so they can do tremendous damage to your plumbing system without actually resolving the initial problem of the clog.

Hiring a professional for drain cleaning is far more effective because professional plumbers have the tools, experience and know-how to remove the clog and any other build-up in your drain that may be causing blockage. Using a snake and/or a hydrojet, a professional plumber like ours can clear your drain safely and effectively, with results that will last a good, long time.

We want you to enjoy your holiday gatherings this year. If your drains are temporarily off due to excessive use and improper waste, call our experts today and schedule a drain cleaning appointment for your home in Denver!

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