Some Common Gas Furnace Repairs

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While we never recommend diagnosing or repairing your gas furnace on your own, it is important as a homeowner or property owner to know what some of the more common repairs can be. Anytime you need repair help with your gas furnace, the experts from Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling are here to help. We offer 24-hour emergency service because we know that your gas furnace can break down at any time. Here are the more common gas furnace repair problems we see on repair appointments:

  • Issues with the fan assembly – the fan assembly in your gas furnace system can experience a number of problems including friction created by dry ball bearings in the fan shaft; loose or bent fan blades; loose motor mounts; worn fan belts; motor issues and electrical issues, including frayed wiring.
  • Problems with the burner – the components in your furnace can become dirty, including the burner. When the burner is covered in a layer of dust and dirt, you may see problems develop that include uneven heating, an inability for all the burners to light and excessive wear and tear. One of the best ways to avoid problems developing with your furnace’s burner is to schedule annual heating maintenance for your furnace.
  • Problems with ignition – you can experience problems with ignition whether your furnace has a standing pilot light or an electronic ignition. Both require the help of an expert because it can be dangerous for someone without experience and/or knowledge to attempt repairing an ignition component.
  • Electrical problems – your furnace needs power to operate, and uses enough to warrant having its own circuit breaker. Sometimes there can be issues with the breaker, other times there may be issues with the electrical connections on the unit itself.

When you need repair help with your gas furnace in Roswell, GA, call the people you can count on: Comfort Zone Heating & Cooling.

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