Make Sure Your Holidays Lights Are Safe This Year!

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Halloween is the unofficial start of the holiday season, and if you are like many homeowners, you like to be festive and decorate your home. If you use extra lighting during the holiday season, whether inside, outside, or both, it is imperative that you safely install and use your holiday lights. The electrical experts from Bell Plumbing and Heating can help with your holiday lighting endeavors by making sure you have enough power, enough outlets, the outdoor lighting scheme you need and the right kind of outlets to plug it all into!

Do You Have Enough Outlets?

We’ve all seen the cartoonish examples of having a tangle of electrical cords exploding from a single outlet or power strip. While this may be amusing to look at, these kinds of scenarios are actually quite dangerous for you and your home. Outlets are only made to handle a certain amount of wattage and electrical items, and overloading a single outlet can lead to charring, burning or even a fire. This is especially true if you have ungrounded outlets in your home. If you do not have enough outlets in your home, or if you need to update existing outlets to AFCI or GFCI types, give us a call and we’ll get your outlets straightened out in time for holiday fun!

Do You Have Enough Power?

The average home electrical panel provides 200 amps of power. This amount of power is needed these days to accommodate all that homes have to power, and if your electrical box is short of the amount of amperage, it is time to consider an upgrade. Plugging in extra lighting for the holiday season could easily overload a circuit, making it hard to be festive and safe.

Our electrical experts can make sure your home is ready to accommodate all of your holiday lighting in Denver – just give us a call!

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