It Is Heating Season – Make Sure Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Working

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We aren’t alarmists, and we certainly don’t want to alarm any of our customers, but with winter almost here, we need to address an important topic: carbon monoxide. This is the season for carbon monoxide because it is heating season, so fireplaces, woodstoves and combustion heating systems are running full throttle. You also have your windows closed to keep in the heat. While it isn’t common for CO poisoning to occur thanks to many types of safety devices on heating systems, etc., it does happen. The best protection against carbon monoxide is using a CO detector in your home.

Why a CO Detector Is Necessary

The reason carbon monoxide is so dangerous is that it is completely undetectable to our senses. We can’t see, smell it or taste it. This is why a CO detect is so important: it can detect the gas as soon as it appears. The question is, what kind of detector will be best to keep you and your family safe from a potential CO leak? You can choose a simple room detector that plugs into an outlet, but you will need to purchase one for every room in your home, including your basement, to make sure you have the coverage you need. A better choice may be CO detector that is hard-wired into your home. You can have just a carbon monoxide detector or a combination one that also includes a fire alarm. These are known as combination detectors. Lastly, if you already use some kind of home automation system, like a home security system, you’ll want to use a carbon monoxide detector that integrates with these already-established systems in your home. This type of a CO detector is known as an interconnected detector.

We want you to be safe in your homes this winter. If you have concerns about properly monitoring carbon monoxide in your Denver home, call the electrical pros at Bell Plumbing and Heating today!

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