Common Boiler Repairs

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We are at that time of year when you need to turn on your heating system, and if you have a boiler, you should be aware of some potential problems that may occur with your system. This isn’t because we expect your boiler to break down, but start-up at the beginning of the heating season is one of the most common times when our technicians see an influx of problems. Here are some of the most common repair problems we see with boilers:

Problems with Circulating Pumps

If your boiler uses hot water to heat your home, you’ll see red, square components on the piping. These components are small pumps, known as circulating pumps, that push the hot water up into your heating outlet (radiator, baseboard or radiant heating tubing). These pumps are electronic, and problems can develop with the wiring or the circulator wheel inside the pump, causing it to malfunction.


Your boiler system is made to prevent leaks as much as possible, which is why, if you see a leak, you need to call for repair right away. Leaks can be indicative of a few things, such as corrosion with a pipe or a joint that has gone bad. Leaks depressurize your heating system and can lead to water damage, so it’s important to have any leak you see repaired as soon as possible.

Pressurization problems

Having the right pressure inside your boiler heating system is critical for proper heating. Your boiler has a special components called the expansion tank that helps ensure that the pressure in your heating system is stable. However, problems can sometimes develop with the expansion tank that impede its ability to work properly, which then adversely affects the pressure in your heating system.

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