Is Your Generator Ready for the Next Storm?

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While our headline may be a little dramatic, the need isn’t. You have a whole-home generator in Denver to provide you and your home with the power you need during an outage. But what happens if your generator runs poorly, or not at all, when you need it most? The best way to avoid this frustrating and troubling scenario is to schedule generator maintenance with your Bell Plumbing and Heating electrical expert.

What Happens During Generator Maintenance?

One of the reasons why generator maintenance is so important is that your generator tends to sit for long periods of time (at least we hope). When this happens, the fluids inside the unit can settle, causing problems when the system starts up. To make sure your generator is in optimal shape when needed, our experts will perform the following tasks:

  • Thoroughly inspect and clean the unit – your generator can accumulate a lot of small debris that can accidentally get lodged in the mechanics. Cleaning these items helps prevent issues from developing.
  • Repair small issues like frayed or corroded wiring – it is easy for minor corrosion to set in when any electro-mechanical unit sits. Taking care of small issues like damaged wiring helps ensure that bigger problems won’t ensue later.
  • Change the air filter – a dirty air filter can restrict needed air flow in the unit, affecting operation.
  • Change the oil – your generator won’t run well with oil that has settled and may contain particles of dust and dirt.
  • Change the spark plugs – the spark plugs need to ignite the system. If the spark plugs in your generator are covered in dust and dirt, they may fail to provide the spark needed for ignition.
  • Check all connections, particularly the fuel valve – this includes all electrical connections and the connection to your fuel source, be it natural gas, propane or diesel.
  • Test the system to make sure it is operating optimally – our technician won’t leave until we know your system is working optimally.

There’s no need to get caught short-handed with your generator when you can call the electrical experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating for generator maintenance.

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