Have Aluminum Wiring in Your Home? Ask Us about the AlumiConn Connector

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There is a handful of home repairs that homeowners never want to hear they need: sewer or water line replacement, anything having to do with foundation work and re-wiring. One of the most common reasons a home need to be re-wired is because of aluminum wiring. During the 1960s, the cost of copper became very high. In an effort to help homeowners reduce costs, aluminum wiring was introduced. Unfortunately, aluminum was a poor choice of metal for the job. The result has been that homes with aluminum wiring have needed re-wiring to be safe and insurable. But the electrical experts from Bell Plumbing and Heating have another option: using an AlumiConn connector.

Why Aluminum Is Bad for Wiring

When electricity runs through metal, it generates heat. The trick is finding a metal to use for wiring that won’t get too hot while the electricity travels along the wire. Copper does not get too hot, which is why it is still the top choice for electrical wiring. Aluminum does become too hot; in fact, it can get so hot it will melt any protective coating around it and has the capability to start a fire. This is why aluminum wiring is a bad a choice for electrical wiring in your home.

How the AlumiConn Connector Helps

We want to point out that it is critical that only a licensed, experienced electrician install any and all AlumiConn connectors into your home’s electrical system. The electrical pros at Bell Plumbing and Heating have a lot of experience installing AlumiConn connectors, and we can help you with yours.

There are two ways in which the AlumiConn connector helps you: first, it helps you avoid the need to re-wire all the parts of your home that have aluminum wiring. Second, the connector is highly effective and is accepted by a number of major insurance companies.

If you have aluminum wiring in your Denver home and need help with it, call the electrical experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating today!

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