Why an Attic Fan Is Important

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Attic spaces, unless made into living space, is typically an area of the home that isn’t paid much attention. However, when it comes to cooling your home throughout the summer, your attic space can play a big role – either positively or negatively – in how your air conditioning effects your home. The difference between a positive or negative effect lies with a simple component: an attic fan.

What It Does

How can an attic fan have such a big effect on your home’s cooling? Without proper ventilation, your home’s attic space will heat to an excess of 150 degrees. Heat always moves toward cooler air; this is a basic rule of thermodynamics. If the heat in your attic is just sitting because there isn’t proper ventilation, it is going to try and make its way into your home in one of three ways: via convection, conduction or radiation. The bottom line: your AC will have its work cut out – but you can help it tremendously with an attic fan.

An attic fan draws cooler air in from the inside, while forcing the warm air to the outside. Attic fans can be installed in roof or gable. They are equipped with their own temperature sensors so that they turn on and off automatically as per the temperature inside the attic. It’s estimated that an attic fan can lower the temperature inside your attic as much as 50 degrees, while also creating ventilation that keeps the air moving throughout the space.

Hire an Expert for Installation

An attic fan needs to be connected to your home’s electrical system; if installed incorrectly, you won’t see the benefits an attic fan can offer you. The electrical experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating can help install your attic fan in Denver so that it helps reduce the workload on your AC, decreases your energy usage and helps keep your roof from sustaining damage. Call us today!

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