Want to Improve Your Cooling This Summer? Let Our Experts Install a Ceiling Fan in Your Home!

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When people look for ways to improve their cooling, a lot of suggestions can be fairly large changes. But there’s a way to improve your cooling by 2-3 degrees per room without going to great expense or heavy labor: let the electrical experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating install ceiling fans in your home.

Why Use an Expert?

Ceiling fans cannot simply be placed where a light fixture is; the fan is much heavier, needs a bigger junction box and requires a beam to be affixed to. Additionally, it is connected directly to your home’s electrical wiring. All of these things add up to hiring an expert to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

The Benefits a Ceiling Fan Offers

The biggest benefit a ceiling fan offers is its ability to circulate the air. When set properly for cooling (fans have settings for heating and cooling), the fan forces the warm, rising air to the floor, pushing the cool air that settles in the lower part of your room to mix. In turn, this helps cool the air between 2-3 degrees lower than the temperature you’ve set. As such, ceiling fans can allow you to set your thermostat higher, which helps save energy. A second benefit is better comfort. With better-circulated air, you will feel cooler, and you’ll always have a nice, light breeze to keep you feeling that way.

Let Us Help

As explained above, it’s important to hire an electrical expert for your ceiling fan installation or replacement. You can pick out your own ceiling fan(s) at any hardware store (just make sure there is clearance for the blades) and we’ll make sure it is installed correctly. Call us today and schedule an appointment for ceiling fan installation in Denver, CO.

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