Do You Have Pipes That Need Replacing?

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Plumbing materials are made to last a long time, but they don’t last forever. If you have an older home, or have recently purchased an older home, the plumbing pipes used when the home was first built may very well still be in use – but this doesn’t mean they are in good shape. Different metals have different expiration dates, so knowing the signs of when it may be time to replace your piping is very important:

Your home has lead pipes.

Lead piping was banned a long time ago, but some homes still have sections of piping made from lead. If your home has any lead piping it will need to be replaced with an updated, safe material.

Repetitive leaking in the same area.

Is there a section of plumbing in your home that leaks constantly, even after being repaired? This is typically an indication of that the piping has corroded and/or was installed improperly. Unless you want to continue to deal with a repetitive issue and the ensuing water damage, it’s best to have your piping replaced.

You have discolored water coming from both taps.

When discolored water comes from only your hot water tap, there’s an issue with your hot water heater; when you see discoloration from both taps, there is an issue with your piping. Discolored water means corrosion has set in, and it’s imperative to have that piping replaced to avoid more serious problems.

You can see rust and pitting on piping.

Any type of corrosion on your plumbing piping, be it inside or outside the pipe, is never a good thing. If you see corrosion, call for an expert to see how extensive the damage is.

No home enjoys re-piping, but when it’s called for, it’s necessary. The experts at Bell Plumbing and Heating can help with all of your re-piping needs in Denver, CO, so call us today!

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