How Do Zone Control Systems Save You Money?

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Owners of larger homes or business spaces are accustomed to high rates for their air conditioners: paying more than they have to simply because the square footage around is quite large. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here in Denver, CO, zone control systems can accentuate our naturally cool summers and help you save even more on those summer air conditioning bills. How do zone control systems save you money? In simplest terms, they keep you from having to cool the entire house.

The Benefits of Zone Control

A zone control system divides your home or business into individual sections via a series of ducts and dampers: either installed as part of a new system or added to your existing central air conditioning system. The controls allow you to tailor the temperature of each section to match your needs, or even run the system in one area while leaving the rest of the system turned off.

It’s not hard to see how this can benefit a large space. You cool only the rooms you’re occupying, while keeping the air conditioner off in the rest of the house. Suddenly, your monthly cooling bill is cut demonstrably without skimping on household comfort. Furthermore, your unit suffers much less wear and tear since it doesn’t need to work so hard, which means higher efficiency and fewer repair bills. And all of that comes on top of the unparalleled comfort options it provides: letting you set one temperature in one room, while another family member sets a different temperature in another room.

If you own a large house or you think that zone control systems might be for you, contact Bell Plumbing and Heating today to discuss modifying your current air conditioning system, or installing a new one!

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