Steps That You Can Take to Avoid Clogged Drains

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There are few issues that are quite as annoying as slow-moving or completely backed up and clogged drains. However, it is important to keep in mind that in many cases, though not all, clogged drains are actually cause by carelessness or user error. There is no way in which to ensure that you will never experience issues with clogged drains, of course. There are many factors which can lead to backed up drains which are simply beyond the homeowner’s control. Still, there are are ways in which you can help to minimize the risk of clogged drains in your home. Here are a few tips from Bell Plumbing and Heating which can help you to avoid problems with clogged drains in Denver.

One of the simplest ways in which you can minimize the risk of accidentally clogging your own drains is by putting drain covers in the sink before doing the dishes. The slots in these easy to find drain guards allow water to pass through, but keep much of the debris from dirty plates from following suit. Drain guards or not, though, it is still in your best interest scrape plates and dishes free of scraps before putting them in the sink. For homeowners with garbage disposals, of course, there is a bit more wiggle room here.

While you may be able to confidently put many items down your garbage disposal, you must remember that such appliances have their limitations. You shouldn’t overwhelm your garbage disposal, or put items such as coffee grounds down the drain. While ground up coffee may not pose a risk to the disposal itself, they can make their way past the disposal and clog up your drains if they are not flushed completely away. Any hot oils or fats should also never be put down the drain. Your garbage disposal will be of no benefit with such liquids, and they will congeal as they cool, trapping other debris and potentially leading to serious clogs. This also causes unnecessary wear and tear, and may mean you need garbage disposal repairs or maintenance services more frequently

Also, remember to remove hair from the drains in your showers or sink after bathing or trimming your beard. It may be tempting to just flush them down the drain, but this will come back to haunt you in the form of drain clogs before long. When your drains do clog up, remember that the only way to have them effectively cleared is by scheduling professional drain cleaning services. Not only will this ensure that your clogs are removed, but it will help to eliminate the risk of partial clogs being left behind to form new ones in short time.

For information about avoiding clogged drains, contact the Denver drain and sewer experts at Bell Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical today.

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